The Skyview

  • Skyview is designed as a beautiful and elegant structure in the form of three towers rising to two hundred and ninety feet, or the optional four hundred and ten feet, surrounded at intervals by decorative hoops.
  • A lightweight carriage disguised within the balloon envelope travels up the tower propelled on discrete tracks by a powerful winch.
  • The gondola, suspended beneath the balloon, provides a floating balcony in the form of a circular walkway that offer’s spectacular views in every direction for up to 40 passengers.
  • The balloon ‘floats’ at the top allowing passengers plenty of time to enjoy the view before it descends.
  • The balloon also carries powerful internal illumination enabling it to shine brightly at night, as well as the options of displaying light shows, moving images and video.
  • A comprehensive set of LED based structure lighting means that the tower is illuminated at night and able to regularly change colours and provide lighting spectacles.
  • The balloon envelope can be custom designed and also be completely covered with a second skin to change its message periodically in support of promotions.
  • The gondola is wheelchair accessible and the ride is suitable for all ages and abilities
  • For events, the centre of the gondola provides a hospitality platform and separate working
  • area for caterers and hosts to serve guests food and refreshments, or for teachers or speakers to talk to their groups.
  • A public address system can be fitted and the gondola can be enclosed and heated during winter to protect passengers from the cold.
  • The Skyview tower structure has a lifespan of many decades.

The Skyview

Video Display