Visitor Attraction

Skyview allows customers of all ages to enjoy a gentle yet thrilling experience together, combining a magnificent view and a great memory as part of their visit and that must increase any locations appeal.

Offered as a family balloon ride for little money, Skyview offers visitors a unique value for money thrill that they will endorse, recommend and return to again. Truly: – “An experience worth repeating”.

Skyview can promote and offer rides to a mix of four main markets.

  • Guests – ‘Ride in the Sky’ (Sky Ride)
  • Schools – ‘Classroom in the Sky’(Sky School) Developing locally focussed educational programs.
  • Groups – ‘Party in the Sky’ (Party Sky High) Events & Functions
  • Business – ‘Meeting in the Sky’ (Blue Skies Meeting)

With minimal staffing and low maintenance, Skyview can operate independently from early morning to late evening every day drawing in many new clients over time who may not have otherwise visited the location.

In almost any location a Skyview Tower will offer visitors a fantastic panorama.

Skyview Benefits

Outdoor Media

Brand Awareness


Visitor Attraction